How Massage Therapy Can Benefit People with Diabetes

168-how-massage-therapy-can-benefits-people-with-diabetesThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 208,000 people younger than 20 years old have been diagnosed with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. An additional 86 million adults 20 years old and older have prediabetes. To put these numbers into perspective, roughly 9-10% of the entire United States population has diabetes. While advancements in modern medicine have led to some effective treatment, a centuries-old practice has been also been shown to be effective in treating diabetes.

So, what is this centuries-old practice that can help diabetic patients regulate their blood-sugar levels? It’s massage therapy. The vast majority of people who seek massage therapy do so for its stress-relieving benefits. Massage works to relieve both mental and physical stress, creating a sense of relaxation that flows through your body and mind. It also offers some surprising health benefits, including the ability to regulate one’s blood-sugar levels.

When a diabetic person’s blood-sugar levels rise, it can strain his or her internal systems. If their blood-sugar levels aren’t brought back down to a normal level, it can have lasting damage. Massage therapy, however, has been shown to lower blood-sugar levels, sometimes by as much as 200 points. It’s unclear how massage therapy is able to lower blood-sugar levels, but the general consensus is that it does work.

Another reason why diabetics should seek massage therapy is because it increases circulation throughout the body. Diabetics often suffer from poor circulation, which can subsequently cause nerve damage if not properly managed. When blood slows and becomes stagnant, vital organs and tissue don’t receive the nutrients and oxygen they need to survive. A professional massage therapist can encourage greater blood circulation by manually manipulating the muscles and soft tissue. This manipulation pushes blood through the body, allowing it to move freely and unrestricted once again.

There’s also the benefit of stress relief provided by massage therapy. Stress affects everyone, but it’s particularly damaging to diabetics. When a diabetic becomes stress, he or she will become more susceptible to disease and illness, placing their health in further jeopardy. Massage therapy works to relieve stress and anxiety, promoting a sense of lasting relaxation.

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