Make Your Massage Treatment Benefits Last Longer

Even after you receive your massage therapy treatment there are things you can do to ensure the benefits you have gained from the massage last longer. These are some tips and tricks you should utilize to prolong the therapeutic and healing effects you receive as a result of your massage session. After all, we all want to stay as healthy as possible and feeling great, so make sure to take advantage of these tips.


Your massage therapist should give you a series of different stretches to practice when you are at home. Stretches help pinpoint certain imbalances within the muscles and work to lengthen the muscles they worked on in your session. Stretching is just one of many different ways to make sure your massage treatment lasts longer.


Heat can be used both before and after a massage. Heat works to increase circulation and blood flow throughout certain areas of the body. Massage allows increases the circulation in the body, so when you apply heat after a massage you can encourage the increase in circulation and blood flow to stick around.

Relaxation Techniques

Stress is the number one culprit when it comes to tension in the muscles. Massages are meant to pinpoint and relieve the tension and reduce stress. But, if you couple massage therapy with relaxation techniques you can get the most out of your massage and prolong its effects. Techniques such as running a warm bath, walking outside and meditation are all good examples of this.

Avoid Loud Noises

After your massage don’t get into the car and turn up the volume on your stereo to 11. You should make sure to continue the relaxing vibes and avoid loud noises and music. If you have to put on any music immediately after your massage make sure it is soothing and relaxing.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

We can’t stress this one enough. Make sure to hydrate before and after your massage. Keeping yourself properly hydrated isn’t just important to your massage experience, but it is very important for your well-being and overall health. By drinking water after your massage it will help get rid of waste within the body and fight potential after-massage soreness.

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