Three Benefits of Oncology Massage

Going through cancer treatment can be a painful and sometimes lengthy process. One of the best ways to combat some of cancer treatments’ worst side effects is through oncology massage. Oncology massage can help you find relief for the anxiety and stress that comes with undergoing treatment, as well as helping to relieve chemotherapy related nausea and help to control pain. 

A rear view of an African American woman performing a breast self-examination

Stress Relief

Undergoing cancer treatment is stressful, even with the best of outcomes. Oncology massage can help remind patients of what it’s like to be pampered as this is most likely the least clinical treatment you will have. Studies have shown that oncology massage can reduce anxiety and stress for people living with cancer. 

Effects of Chemotherapy

A 2015 study examined the use of three conventional and alternative therapies to help with chemotherapy induced nausea. This study found that combining dexamethasone, oncology massage, and ginger worked better than other combinations of drugs for treating chemo-induced nausea. 

Pain Relief

It’s important to note that oncology massage should not be used in place of medication or other treatment modalities but rather, it has been shown to benefit patients in treating certain side effects. Oncology massage has been shown to reduce the amount of pain medication people may need as it helps to control the pain post-treatment. 

A 2018 study found massage helpful in providing immediate relief for pain, though it remains uncertain how long it will last for each individual. Myofascial massage has also become a promising treatment option to address the chronic pain that can come post-surgery. 

If you or someone you love is undergoing cancer treatment, talk to your massage therapist about their issues and concerns. Your therapist will do a complete health history to avoid any potential complications with treatment. Oncology massage just might be the one treatment you or loved one looks forward to as you do all you can to fight for your health. 

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